By VadimB


 SPA MASSAGES "BEAUTY BAY" is considered as one of the most founding private SPA places in the South of Gran Canaria. The main concept of the company is to make bilogical life of the human being longer and better. For this reason the company would employ a big range of products, equipment and the healing tecniques all over the world. The company got established in 1998 and since than got some very high level of the market response. What makes the company unique is an impecable team of devoted budhists, sportsmen and top professionals in the world of physiotherapy, beauty treatments and spiritual arts like Reiki. The company would provide all type of preventive medicine services, manicure, pedicure, botox, REIKI sessions, treatments in the OCEAN and even PARAPSYCOLOGY consultations. The guests are very welcome to check the programme of the cure having a free consultations with the specialists of the SPA prior the treatments. The company could be reached by telephones: +34 671142658, 928762710, email Facebook SPA MASSAGES BEAUTY BAY.