By VadimB



We are an alternative medicine center located in the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. 

At your disposal you will find the most revolutionary treatments offered by independent therapists, followers of buddhist and oriental philosophies, with all the enthusiasm and fire to ensure your happiness. . With us, you will have  5 main factors to make  your treatments simply AMAZING:

1. Highest quality of products - herbs, plants, flowers, minerals, vitamins, oxigen, proteins, creams, oils, masks etc.

2. Best equipment - lamps, magnetic field, far-infrared tecnology, hot stones etc

3. World massages tecniques.

4. We are all INDEPENDENT BODY TREATMENT ARTISTS full of enthusiasm and professional SPORT MODELS putting all our massage certificates into practice with our own bodies. The physical touch provided by the winning personalities of young, healthy, positive and sound SPORT MODELS like us is simply priceless as it improves your self-esteem and your overall energy balance.

5. YOU  being on holidays, represent totally different levels of flexibility, softness and readiness for us to perform well. Your distance from your day to day commitments, obligations, responsabilites, rain, taxes, family, neighbours, colleagues at work, politicians make you totally receptive for our holistic massage. It provides a great saving as one session with us is usually totally enough for you to get some great health effect.

6. In The Canaries we don't have taxation, which makes our prices very attractive. Also our SPA is a tiny one, so the maintanance expenses are not that big, which significantly influences the price for the massage too.

The Canaries is the best place to have a treatment, both for you and the therapist due to the lack of stress and your muscle tissue being already warmed up by the local sun. The great climate is the best compliment for any treatment.