By VadimB




For the HUNGRY for senses.... 

Chocolate is one of the finest products in our gastronomy, one of our best arms to fight stress and anxiety. Not only it heightens the soul with its aroma, in has as well an explosion of properties, sensations and pleasures inside. I am going to presents you chocolate as a therapy, just as good for our beauty, as for our wellbeing.

An extra quality that comes from using it on your skin and its taste, is it´s aroma, that gives energizing benefits to stimulate the feeling of wellbeing. Cacao for its high concentration of anti-oxidents, fights against free radicals an cellular oxigenation, and plays a big part in fighting the signs of aging.

 What are the benefits of chocolate therapy?

The chocolate baths hydrate the skin and fight cellulite. Is is good for keeping down the tension, against fatigue and other signs of stress. Chocolate is a potent element for preserving beauty, due to its properties of weight reducing, detoxications and reaffirming.

It is well known for keeping the wellbeing thanks to the production of endorphin hormones that provoke happiness.

Chocolate therapy is literally a delicious threatment, letting you TASTE the product during the aplication of it.

The therapy consists of a body peeling that prepares the skin. Afterwards is put a Light layer of warm chocolate which is put all over the body. It is applied in a form of a delicious anti stress relaxing body massage. 20 minutes yor are wrapped in so the properties of the chocolate can penetrate deep into yor skin. And after passing to the shower, it ends with a rehydrating and moisturizing chocolate body creme to nourish the skin. 

 Without any doubt it is luxury at ist most, but within the grasp of everybody.

 The benefits of this type of treatment are: 

-           Hydrate, nourish and tone up the body.

-          Remineralize the enzymatic metabolismo thanks to the oligo-elements.

-         They act on the nervous system as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiant thanks to the poliphenols, theobromine and tenino.

-          It stimulates euphoria thanks to the felimetilanina.

-          Remineralize the epidermise thanks to the calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Your senses will be overwhelmed with taste and aromas, which will wrap up yor body with the quality of this delicious nourishment.

The treatment includes CHOCOLATE peeling, body-wrap, full body massage, facial and foot-reflexology.