By VadimB


Vadim is one of the prominent modern SPA therapists in Europe, who combines natural healing gift with state-of-art professional qualifications. 

Native Russian , Vadim has been residing at Canary Islands for over 16 years, operating his own  SPA center and has an across-the-board international experience. He speaks perfect Russian, English, Spanish and most European languages when it comes to his work. 

His family was the first ones to discover the gift to heal people in him when he was 4 years old. 

The extensive list of his signature treatments includes such items as Shiatsu, Chinese antistress massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, foot reflexology, lymph drainage, sports, anticellulite massage and the unique practice of Nirvana Atlantic Trip, which at this point is only offered by himself in our planet. 

Vadim´s lifestyle complements and supports his primary mission of healing people and essentially fighting biological death. He is much influenced by Oriental philosophy, practices Buddhism, is a devote vegetarian, loves Yoga and usually starts his day with a dive into the ocean and meditation. 

His treatment combines his natural healing power with advanced techniques and apart from that provides a unique feeling of disconnecting from the outside world. 

If you are not sure which treatment are most suitable for you, Vadim will be delighted to discuss your health situation with you and help select the right procedures, to ensure the greatest benefit for your wellbeing. 

Some of our clients say, that if you never experienced Vadims touch – you never lived!












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